Carpet Cleaning Detroit

Carpet Cleaning DetroitGet your Detroit carpets back to like-new condition with our professional carpet cleaning services. With our top of the line cleaning equipment, our trained cleaning technicians remove dirt, dust mites, and bacteria from deep within your carpets.

A carpet cleaning offers numerous benefits. It extends the life of your carpet by removing the dirt that is deep within your carpets. Vacuum cleaners remove only the top layer of dirt from your carpet. Dirt that is deeper in your carpet is untouched by anything but a carpet cleaning machine. While you might think this dirt is “out of sight, out of mind” it actually produces a lot of damage down there, grinding away at the fibers and leading to thinned, worn carpets. Another benefit is from improved allergies and health of you and your family – removing dust mites and bacteria lead to a healthier home.

We go beyond basic carpet cleaning too

We can also remove most stains and odors from carpets, and we offer stain protection coatings to your carpets which help extend their life and offer stain resistance.

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