Carpet Cleaning Livonia, MI

Carpet cleaning Livonia, MIGet your Livonia, MI carpets back to like new with our professional carpet cleaning service. We are a locally owned and operated cleaning company serving Livonia, MI and the rest of the Detroit area. We are staffed by trained, professional Livonia carpet cleaning technicians who are certified in cleaning carpets, as well as rugs and upholstery. Over time, we’ve become known for the carpet cleaning Livonia, MI trusts their homes and businesses to, and we back all our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Over time, carpets collect dirt, bacteria, and dust mites in its fibers. Regular vacuuming removes just to top-most layer of dirt, but does not remove bacteria nor the dirt and dust mites deep within your carpet.

A professional carpet cleaning uses the hot water extraction process (often called “steam cleaning”) where highly pressurized water removes these contaminants from deep within your carpet. This type of cleaning reduces allergy problems and extends the life of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Detroit also offers stain and odor removal in Livonia. We can remove most stains and odors, regardless of whether they came from kids, pets, food, or grease – often even if the stains have been sitting in you carpets for a long time!

Our cleaning services also include upholstery and rug cleaning in Livonia. If your upholstery hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you will be amazed how improved your furniture or car can look with a simple, affordable cleaning.

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