Carpet Steam Cleaning Detroit MI

Detroit, MI Superior Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

We offer professional carpet steam cleaning service that will give the residential or commercial carpets of our clients in Detroit, MI a proper, deep clean. This method, also known as ‘hot water’ extraction, is a naturally powerful procedure that will provide rugs a thorough clean they won’t normally experience with other cleaning process or with just regular vacuuming. With our expert steam cleaning job, we will help bring back the like-new look of carpets, as well as make them much cleaner, healthier, smells fresher and last longer. We have a team of certified technicians who will deliver the finest workmanship with affordable rates and backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Proper, Deep Cleaning for Residential and Commercial Carpets

Carpet Steam Cleaning Detroit MISteam cleaning will efficiently remove surface dirt and grime plus deep-seated contaminants such as bacteria, molds, viruses, dust mites and other types of allergens or pollutants accumulation underneath the carpet’s fibers. These harmful contaminants are typically invisible to the human eyes and cannot be removed with just regular vacuuming. Due to the heat of the steam that is released in a low pressure, it can penetrate underneath the carpet’s fibers to completely eradicate and kill harmful pollutants or allergens.

Hot water extraction process will not just clean carpets thoroughly but it will also help remove old or new stubborn stains. Moreover, this cleaning procedure has a unique ‘odor removal’ feature wherein it’s capable of reaching underneath the fibers to kill odor-causing bacteria which is the primary root of the unpleasant smell coming off your rugs.

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning in Detroit, MI

We will first apply a preconditioning solution on the carpet (alkaline or acidic, depending on the carpet’s material) which will be left to dry into the fibers. The steam cleaning is then done by using water pressure extraction and hot steam that will give rugs a deep clean inside and out. This natural, hot steam coming from the equipment will work with the preconditioning solution to efficiently get rid of surface soiling and deep-seated allergens or pollutants. To restore the rug’s natural PH properties and eliminate toxic residues, the preconditioning solution will be sucked out from the carpet’s fibers together with the germs, dirt and contaminants with the use of a powerful truck-mounted vacuum cleaner.

Licensed and Skilled Carpet Steam Cleaners Detroit, MI

All of our technicians are highly-trained in using powerful, advanced steam cleaning equipment that we provide them. Unlike those cheap machine cleaners you can rent or purchase on your local hardware that may can damage your carpets if you do not know how to use them properly, the state-of-the-art tools that our cleaners use can turn a small amount of water into a much hotter and concentrated amount of steam that will give rugs a thorough clean.

Contact us now and schedule our quality and inexpensive carpet steam cleaning service. We suggest that you have your home or business rug undergo a thorough steam clean from the experts every 18 to 24 months to maintain its pleasant appearance for a much longer period of time