Residential Carpet Cleaning Detroit MI

Detroit, MI Satisfaction Guaranteed Residential Carpet Cleaning

We offer quality and inexpensive residential carpet cleaning service to our valued clients in Detroit MI areas. Our professional carpet care work will help in bringing back the like-new look and clean, healthy condition of residential rugs. In addition, the thorough cleaning delivered by our expert technicians will enhance the longevity of carpets, making them last for many years to come. We don’t choose any size of project because we can clean home rugs of all kinds and sizes. Being a locally owned and operated business, we will offer our friends and neighbors outstanding workmanship with affordable rates and backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Proper, Deep Clean for Home Carpets in Detroit, MI

Residential Carpet Cleaning Detroit MIThe cleaning procedure that we prefer to use is steam cleaning, also known as ‘hot water extraction’ process. This naturally powerful method will give residential carpets a proper, deep clean removing both surface soiling and deep-seated contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, molds or dust mites that are often invisible to the human eyes and lingers underneath the fibers; hence making them impossible to get rid of with just regular vacuuming. Steam cleaning is also very effective in the eradication of old or new stubborn stains, as well as odor-causing bacteria.

Licensed and Bonded Carpet Cleaners

We will send our team of skilled and trained technicians to come over your house to get your carpet cleaning project done appropriately and quickly. It’s guaranteed that all of our cleaner are licensed and trustworthy individuals who have each undergone a thorough background check.

All of our cleaners use powerful, advanced cleaning equipment to give residential rugs a superb clean. Moreover, we have a wide selection of safe and environment-friendly solutions that will not leave behind toxic residues that can cause further damage and soiling to the rugs fibers, as well as pollute the quality of indoor air.

Maintaining the Pleasant Appearance of Detroit, MI Residential Carpets

The recommended cleaning period for a home carpet will vary depending on the amount of traffic it receives daily. For instance, a residence occupied with kids or several family members will need professional carpet care every 12 months while those lightly trafficked ones will be fine without expert cleaning for up to 24 months or longer.

Contact us today and schedule our top-notch residential carpet cleaning service. Giving home rugs periodic cleaning from the experts will really help in maintaining its lovely appearance, cleanliness and healthy condition for a much longer period of time.