Rug Cleaning Detroit

Get your Detroit metro area rugs cleaned by the best – call Carpet Cleaning Detroit to take care of your dirty rugs today!

Professional Detroit rug cleaners

Area rug cleaning DetroitWe handle all types of area rugs, from Oriental rugs to Persian rugs, and wool and silk to synthetic fiber rugs. In addition to removing dirt and grime from everyday use, we can also remove all kinds of stains and odors, including pet smells, from rugs safely and effectively.

Keeping your Detroit area rugs clean for one improves their appearance, but it goes further than than. Having our Detroit rug cleaners come out and take care of your rugs removes abrasive dirt and grime that gets struck in your rug’s pile. This grit can grind and scuff the fibers on a microscopic level, leading to a duller, off-color appearence of your rug. A rug cleaning also helps sanitize your rug even if hot water cannot be used on it (for instance if you have a wool rug) thanks to our disinfecting rug shampoos and cleaning agents. A Detroit rug cleaning helps improve the health of your home and ensures a longer life for your investment

Whatever rug cleaning job you have in the Detroit area, we are the professionals to call. Contact us today for a free quote for your rug cleaning!